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Upscale booties are easy to make with this KNITTING pattern. If you can knit-in-the-round using dpn’s, you’ll find this bootie pattern very easy.


The Rainier Baby Bootie is a KNITTING pattern using prepared leather/faux leather soles. The sole specifications are 4” - 26 holes, but the pattern can accommodate patterns with 24 or 28 holes.


While it looks complicated, it’s actually very easy and quick. A set of 5 dpn’s are required, and longer ones (8”) help to ensure stitches don’t fall off. Nice to have but not required.


The bootie is worked in the round for 27 rounds using two strands of worsted weight yarn and 10 1/2 (6.5m) dpn’s. A crochet hook is required for getting the yarn on the bootie sole only - no crochet work is required.


A template and guide for making your own bootie soles is provided. Or they may be purchased separately.



SSK (slip, slip, knit)
Bind off (stretchy bind off recommended)

Rainier Bootie - Knitting Pattern

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