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***Kits available separately***

An 8-page guide on how to create your own pocket-size journal using peel-and-stick wallpaper and binder rings. Sized to use scrap paper and misprints, this little journal holds a huge stack of paper and fits snuggly into your tote or handbag. A handy TEMPLATE is provided for both US Letter and A4 papers.


Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper (1 roll will make several)

Chipboard (cereal boxes work great!)

4 (1") binder rings - from office supply stores

Hole punch (standard size)

Pencil, scissors and ruler

White cardstock for template (optional, but recommended)

Printed cardstock for dividers (optional)

Scrap paper for inside pages (1 sheet will yield 4/8 pages)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If electing to use the TEMPLATE provided, be sure to select "actual size" or "100%" at printing. Then measure and check the accuracy of your printed template before cutting your materials. The template is optional, but the hole punch guide will be very helpful.

Pocket Journal - Instruction Guide Only

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