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Image by Drew Beamer

This is my take on the popular “comfort/izzy” dolls patterns and incorporates additional features to bring it up just a notch. If you’re looking for finished dolls or more inspiration to customize your doll, I highly recommend visiting KnittyKids on Instagram.


Very simple knitting pattern great for beginners as well as those wanting to practice cable work, duplicate stitches and color work. Nine (9) pages of instructions, including step-by-step photos. Worsted weight yarn and size 5 needles will create approximately a 6” doll.


The following skills are required:

Simple cable (optional)
Duplicate stitches or color work, just a few
Cast on
Bind off


Doll is knitted flat on straight needles using worsted weight yarn then shaped and given finishing touches. An optional hat pattern is included. Very simple modifications included to make different animals.

Pocket Buddies - Knitting Pattern

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